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Name:a gatchaman CROWDS community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a place for gatchaman crowds fans to discuss and share their work



Welcome to Dreamwidth's very first Gatchaman Crowds community! Here we're hoping to cultivate a wide variety of fanwork, news and discussion for this colorful series.

1. Please tag your post! Format as the following: character: [given name] [surname] (e.g., character: hajime ichinose), fanwork: [fic/art/etc], and graphics: [icons/etc]. If you're unsure of how to tag something, tag it as 'random' for the time being.
2. Use cuts for NSFW content, large images, embedded videos, extended text and spoilers!
- If spoilers are added to a previously spoiler-free post, hide them under this HTML:
3. Give credit where credit is due. Theft will get you shipped outta here!
4. You don't have to join the community to post replies!
5. Have fun, play nice, and make friends! :>

Fanwork Template
(Obviously things can be taken away or added depending on what you're posting!)

the crowds are calling my name
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